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Bullsnake care, observatrions from the wild

For Vanan, and others....

Well, I've seen a few posts lately regarding care of various species, and trying to emulate as best as possible, others observations from the wild.

So, for all you bullsnake keepers, I've been watching bullsnakes for a while, and can summarize what I've seen, to suit captive care conditions and solve all of your problems!

First, and most important - is wind. 76% of the time, we see these snakes on hilltops, fighting 50-100 km/h winds. So to emulate this, I would suggest adding a fan to remove the volume of cage air, once per second.

For a normal 2' x 4' cage - this would be an industrial sized fast food restaurant grease blower. Make sure the wind is fast enough to knock over a camera on a tripod.

Also, 66% of the time we see bullsnakes, they are surrounded by cactus and spear grass. So, for bedding, I would suggest - cactus and spear grass. If you can't find cactus and spear grass, any pointed sharp pokey stuff will do.

Temperature doesn't seem to be a problem. We have measured bullsnake temperatures in the active season from the low 60's, to over 100 F. Mix it up a bit, have fun with it.

In the wild, bullsnakes are away from all water sources for 8 months at a time. So, only offer water 4 months out of the year, the rest of the time they seem to like to be without water.

They enjoy the company of rattlesnakes. Seen many rattlesnakes with bullsnakes, so if you keep bullsnakes, I would suggest you getting some rattlesnakes to keep them company.

I think they get lonely if not kept with rattlesnakes. When I was young, I brought a bullsnake home, but did not bring home a rattlesnake to keep it with. The bullsnake did not eat for me until the next year, because of his lonelyness.

Many bull snakes have scars from predators. Some of these snakes seem to be the most healthy of the bullsnakes. So, if you have a cat, or a large bird - let them play with the bullsnake. If not anything else, it will stimulate their defense systems and provide exercise.

Well, I hope that my observations help many with their captive care - and hope many realize how important it is to simulate each species native habits and habitats.

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