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Ontario: You seem to be very selective as to what you read and comment on in other people's posts.

I've never said that the caresheets are gospel. But they are a very good guideline for basic husbandry when taken as a whole. Some of them contain bad info i'm sure, which is why I find as many as I can and cross reference them, when 98% of them say the same thing it's usually a safe bet that there's a reason for it.

I'm sure some breeders only care about producing as many animals that grow as fast as they can so they can sell them. I'm also sure that most small breeders take exemplary care of their animals and treat them as beloved pets. I know I do.

The suggestion to look for books on the topic is a good one as well though, I should have suggested it sooner.

As i've said several times now, the whole point of this thread was basic husbandry. Feeding only once per month seems too far between feedings for me, but do what you like.
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