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I wasnt aware that there were questions regarding temperature, enclosure size etc...???

I would advice that you could go beyond just care sheets. Try reading some of the various books out there. Keep in mind that many (if not all) of the care sheets out there are either written by, or ripped off from breeders. That said, many breeders feed their animals as much as possible so that they can prepare there animals for breeding. Female pythons use huge amounts of fat (and other resources) to produce eggs. This preparation for breeding may reflect on said care sheet.

My BP is an adult animal. I have no intentions of breeding this animal while it is in my care. This animal is fed roughly once a month. That said, the snake is of an appropriate weight, is quite alert, as active as you can expect a BP to be, and seems to be in a happy state. Ive been keeping snakes for roughly nine years and this snake behaves in a similar manner to the hundreds of other snakes that I have kept (yes this includes many animals that were fed weekly).

Do not think for a minute that I am some low-life keeper that only feeds his snake once a month so I can afford beer money on Friday night. I have a freezer full of rats and if I felt that my BP needed an extra meal Id give it to him (which I do from time to time). But the fact remains this snake holds a good weight and appears in all respects to be a healthy captive. So my question to you (and anyone else) is why would I feed it more?

Ive heard repeated comments on this thread about how you know a snake is hungry when it starts moving around. And oh man! When it starts moving around you better feed that sucker! WHY? My adult carpet pythons and my water pythons will eat till the cows come home. Yet I only feed these snakes every 2-3 weeks. Is it because Im a cruel keeper or Im too cheap to feed them? NO! Its because they maintain a very good weight on this feeding schedule. Why feed beyond that just because some care sheet tells me to?

BTW my female water python is fat at a feeding rate of every 2-3 weeks (usually more like 3).
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