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Excellent points Slannesh. What is most important is offering the snake food at appropiate intervals. Of course these intervals vary based on species. I know not every snake within a species is the same but the vast majority are similar. Now perhaps this snake Ramses only likes to eat every 6 weeks or so and he is doing well on that regimen. Good and I hope he stays healthy, but what I think the concern is that it sounds as if Ontario Herper is saying all balls can go on this regime. That I do not accept for second. No offense to you but just because you say so doesn't mean I'll accept it. If herpers listened to every croonie that spit out some advice we would have alot of hurting snakes on our hands. Experiment and what works best for the animal in question but of the vast majority of adult balls I still think every 7-10 days is proper. That what mine and many hundreds of others have been following for years and I know mine are very healthy and NOT over wieght by any means. We learn by doing things differently thats the way it is and maybe...just maybe...there is something to what you guys say. But what has been working successfully all this time and continues to work is what I and hopefully the majority of others will follow, if it isn't broken why fix it.
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