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I've not once mentioned any species other than Ball Pythons at any point in this thread. I don't know enough about most other species to make educated statements. Comparing different species of reptiles is not terribly useful either. Different snakes and lizards have entirely different needs. I would hazard a guess that similarly sized boids would have similar feeding requirements as Ball Pythons but I certainly don't know that for fact.

We've gotten away from the point here anyhow, proper husbandry. We all agree that it's silly to set in stone when and how much a Ball python eats. Some would take food every day if offered, and some older specimines will eat only rarely. No one who is in the "feeding once a month is fine" camp has addressed any of the other questions that have been asked. Such as temperature, enclosure size, hides, ect.

What it boils down to, is commonly accepted husbandry practices. Read the caresheets that are available. Not all of them agree on the finer points but once you read a few you'll notice that most of them agree on the basics. With so many people coming to the same conclusions and raising healthy snakes for years or decades can they all be wong? Unlikely. Are we accurately recreating the wild environment the snakes are from? Probably not. We offer controlled environments for our pets, and I think trying to educate those new to herping with somewhat flexible guidelines is best. When asked feeding questions in the past i've said that I feed my Ball once a week, she rarely refuses a meal, but I don't sweat it when she does. I know it won't hurt her to do so once in a while.

I have a question as well. Since several of you seem to think that once a month is appropriate why not once every 2 or even 4 months? All of my information says that once a week is appropriate and you seem to think that going four times that long is no problem at all. So what about 4 times your figure? Would you worry about someone who told you they feed their full grown ball python only 3 times a year? Perhaps from that perspective you can understand our concern.
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