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I too don't think a rat a month is enough. The snake will try to survive on it, sure, but what choice does it have if you only give it one rat a month? Also I have seen people keep snakes in deplorable conditions without proper heat and they sometimes do survive, but this is not the way to treat them.
Why Ontario Herper thinks its fine to feed a snake once a month is beyond me. I don't agree.

I feed my Tangerine Honduran Milksnakes ever time they start actively looking for food which for one snake is around every 5 days, and another snake every week. These are year and half old growing snakes and not full size. If you know your snakes they will tell you when they need to be fed through their actions.

Regarding idiots who buy herps while not knowing how to care for them, I think some of the responsibility should lie with the seller to ensure the buyers is informed about how to care for them properly. The time of Pet stores selling animals without educating the buyer should be past. In fact if I was a pet store, and the buyer did not seem to know what he was doing and had no desire to listen and learn, I wouldn't sell to them.

In fact I wouldn't sell a snake to Ontario Herper if they think one rat a month is fine.

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