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Vanan, I never claimed to know a thing about Ball Pythons in the wild. In fact if you'd read my post again you'll see I said I know nothing at all about their feeding habits in the wild.

If your old male Ball will only eat once every 6 weeks then that's what he eats I suppose. How old is he by the way? Balls can live a long time I believe the current record in captivity is 48 years or so.

*Quote from my post*
"Have you spent much time observing Ball Pythons in the wild? I know I haven't, so how do you have any idea how often they manage to eat? I certainly have no idea."

Please double check posts before accusing people of taking the exact opposite stance you claim they made *rolls eyes*

And now a quote from Vanan
"BTW, Slannesh, it may be you who is misinformed about ball pythons in the wild. Many think just cos a snake eats, breeds and grows with a certain set of temps and humidity, immediately it becomes the way it should be in the wild. WRONG! I challenge any breeder who argues so. Anyone. Snakes, most of them are very forgiving in their husbandry."

Care to cite your sources since you're obviously such an authority on wild Ball Pythons? Thought not.

Ont_herper: Feed your snake as little as you like, it has no effect on me, but I feel sorry for your it. I used the term starving once. And I think that's exactly what you're doing... Hey who knows, prove me wrong in 10 years or so if your snake is still alive. I'll happily eat my hat. For the record my Ball will be 16 or 17 by then.

The stupid comment was juvenile, sorry for that. However calling me Unethical and Ignorant was the same thing so you aren't above mudslinging yourself.

An animal doesn't become an ambush predator overnight, that requires thousands of years of evolution. I would imagine that Ball pythons are hunting the in the wild the same way now as they were when man was learning to walk upright.

Diet has nothing to do with instinct. Instinct is a simple response to stimuli. You dangle what the snake perceives as 'food' in front of it and it strikes. if it doesn't recognize it as food it doesn't

I have not once said that anyone should be feeding any snake daily. Certainly not Ball Pythons. I think the 7-10 day figure is pretty good for an adult BP in general, some will be ravenous by then and others will skip every other meal i'm sure. I know my snake never takes longer than 10 seconds or so from the time the rat's nose passes the top of her cage to when she strikes at it. She's usually moving around 'hunting' every 7 days , on the evening I feed her as well, so I think I have her schedule about right.
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