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"It may not "look" unhealthy but that doen't mean it isn't. You claim it will live a long good life well it may quite awhile but not to good considering with a complete lack of proper diet it's instinct will be to barely ever move." How is my snake completely lacking a proper diet? It is fed the same diet as yours just not as often. Feeding your snake does not automatically make it healthier.... that should be common sense. Just because we can feed our snakes as often as we will eat doesn't mean we should. Ever noticed how many fat dogs are out there? But I guess that is okay because the more food the better!

The fact that you think BP's (and I guess other snakes) are opportunistic feeders because of what man kind has done to them is just silly. this is the way they are built. Why go look for food when your body (and mind) allow you to sit in a spot for an exteneded period of time. There extremely slow metabolism allows them to do this without suffering bodily harm.

I am not saying that just because a snake may have a real tough time finding a prey item in the wild we should replicate that in captivity. I'm simply pointing out that their natural history shows that snakes in general do not need to feed as frequently as some may believe.
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