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Well...Ive always tried carry the,"Treat others as you would like to be treated", idea with me. But as we all know, sometimes, in certain situations, its hard to control your emotions. In general, its easier to sit back and tell someone, you need to do this, or you need to do that, then to actually be in that situation and make the right choice. Of course if I was married and found out my wife was cheating, I would be livid! As Sunrunner said, I think It would be wrong in kicking the guy's ***. It wasnt his fault, your wifes the one to blame.

I understand my best bet in this situation is to probably avoid this women. And I agree with the point of, how can you trust this women if shes cheating on her husband with you.


I've suspected being cheated on, and trust me I was'nt very happy about the whole situation. But as I said in my orginal post I was more curious of what others would do in the same situation. I wasn'nt exactly looking for suggestions.
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