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Lets clear something up for the less educated!

Several people have been throwing around the term starving. They have been insisting that by feeding my BP monthly I am "starving" this poor poor helpless animal.

According to the Webster's dictionary starving means: to die from lack of food.

Perhaps you can take your claims of my "starving" ball python to the next PETA meeting! Perhaps you will get more sympathy from them.

I dare one of these "moral", "responsible", "non-ignorant", and "humane" keepers to feed there BP only once a month. See what happens. You snake will no doubt lose some weight. And I bet you'll end up with a snake with a healthier weight that will live much longer.

So dare I say that the people who over-feed their snakes are un-ethical and ignorant? Well I guess I just did!

it's nice to see that Scotty and Vanan will have snakes that will live to be over ten years in age.

Slannesh.... I'll try not to take your comment about me being stupid too seriously. Some how that comment seems like words that used to get thrown around when I was in grade 1. I guess that says something about you!
David Smith
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