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Just had to add my 2 cents just so that this isn't one sided. I have to agree with Scotty and D Smith on this one. I personally feed my ball python (male) only once every 6 weeks! Man am I cruel! This is cos he's older and he's a male. Keep in mind this is the routine we've refined over a few years now. Remember, snakes don't get hungry per se. They are ruled by their metabolism. A warm snake will need more food. THis is not to say either is right or wrong.

BTW, Slannesh, it may be you who is misinformed about ball pythons in the wild. Many think just cos a snake eats, breeds and grows with a certain set of temps and humidity, immediately it becomes the way it should be in the wild. WRONG! I challenge any breeder who argues so. Anyone. Snakes, most of them are very forgiving in their husbandry. Here's a case study. Take your beauty snakes for example. Let's go even further to single out the Taiwans. People have bred them and raised them at temps similar to cornsnakes. They grow up to 6ft in a year! Are you trying to tell me that Taiwan has your typical Florida climate?! Or are you saying that a snake to grow 3/4 of it's full length in 12months is normal?! Remember same thing here. Higher temps, higher growth, longer snake in shorter time (with most species, some are too fragile though). Just because something works doesn't mean it's right!

I guess it's all about which is right. Keeping snakes as they would be in the wild or making it convenient for us and changing what their used to. I guess being humans it's just natural to change our environment before changing ourselves. *sigh*
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