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Well, this has turned into quite the debate. Far be it from me to pass up on a debate.

I'm with Slannesh on this one. Feeding your BP once a month is horrible care, in my opinion. If your BP is not hungry, it will not eat. But how do you know if it IS hungry? Does it tell you? Does it tap on the glass a certain way? NO! If it eats, it's hungry. But you will never know this if you are only offering it a meal once a month. If you are offering it a meal every week and it only takes every second meal, then you know your BP likes to eat every 2 weeks. But if he eats like a champ when you feed him once a month, well DUH! It's probably STARVING by then! You are doing your snake a sever injustice by not at least offering a prey item at MOST every 2 weeks. Any longer than that, and you shouldn't be keeping a ball python.
- Ken LePage
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