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So hey, since you only feed your poor snake once a month, how old is it? How long have you had it? How long is it and what does it weigh? I'm curious, just how stunted and sicky it is.

Heh, yeah I suppose the last 6 years of keeping my ball python healty and well fed is no experience at all... Nevermind the many other species iv'e kept personally and observed over the years.

It is because of their low metabolism that you can keep reptiles on a starvation diet in many cases for years. That does not make them healty by any stretch of the imagination.

I said in a previous post that my snake has not always eaten every 7 days. There was a time she didn't eat for almost two months. I was concerned of course, because it was a chance in routine for her, so I made adjustments and eventually moved her to a bigger enclosure, she started to eat just fine almost immediately after. Has ever since.

If the snake chooses not to eat a meal or even several meals it's not a big deal provided that it's healthy and well fed to begin with.

Ontario herper- I'll ease up on the caresheet when you ease up on the stupid. Have you spent much time observing Ball Pythons in the wild? I know I haven't, so how do you have any idea how often they manage to eat? I certainly have no idea.

So I draw on my own comparitively meagre experience and the experience of others who have been keeping these snakes for years. I read several dozen caresheets long before I ever purchased my snake, the fact that she's pretty much bang on for average length and weight tell me I didn't horribly screw up in raising her.

Did you even read the rest of the posts? we're talking about a difference of 7-10 days VS 28-31 days or more. The comment you quoted me was me telling her I agreed that not every single Ball Python in the world absolutely MUST be fed every 7-10 days religiously or it will die a horribly painful death. THAT would have been absurd

The comment about the dog was to illustrate a point. I notice you take a page from kristina by ignoring every valid point I made about temperatures, and poisonous substrate. Makes it sort of hard to debate anything with you.

Regardless, I think anyone who bothers to read this thread will get the point that feeding an adult Ball Python only once per month might keep them alive for a time but it's certainly not the way to have a long lived, healty one.
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