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Sunrunner... if 1 rat for my BP is not enough why is it still alive? Please answer this question. You're full of it! If you look at the natural history of these animals it is clear that they have a low metabolism in turn, do not eat as much as the average snake. Snakes such as morelia have a higher metabolism so they require more food. This is very evident by the shape of the body. Why do you think BP as so thick? Because they chase rodents around 24/7 NO! Because they are oppotunistic feeders and in turn may not eat very often.

BP in the wild and in captivity may not eat for months (because of their environment and choice) is this cruel? Should you chase these snakes around in the wild and make sure they eat every 7-10 days? It is a fact that many herpers over feed there animals. Some do it to get an animal up to breeding size as quick as possible and others do it out of ignorance.

Slannesh..... Ease up on the caresheets.

"Ntice I haven't jumped all over you for feeding your snake every 10-12 days instead of 7-10. A couple of days here and there or even a week I could see as different snakes being different."

You've got to be kidding me. You're talking about a difference of two days. That is just absurd!

And the comment about the feeding of a dog is also ridiculous. You seem to be relying way too much on other people's information rather than your own experience.
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