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Now who's missing the point?

I agreed with you that snakes even of the same species are different and you can have very different feeding schedules that work. But there is a difference between a somewhat different feeding schedule and starving your animal.

The dogs and people description was for effect, not at all an accurate comparison but it gets the point across. Warm and cold blooded creatures have completely different food requirements.

I'll illustrate another way.

what would you say if someone said that they kept their BP at just ambient room temperature all year? No UTH, no basking lamp, nothing. Just however hot the room happens to be that way. They say the snake is fine and has been like that for years. Then when you ask they say that the ambient room temp is about 60 degreed F or so. Would you be concerned? What if they kept it at 120 all the time instead? Didn't provide any hides for the snake?

What if he kept his snake on Pine or Cedar shavings?

All the caresheets out there have the same basic husbandry for a reason. Trial and error in the early days, along with some basic common sense.
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