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I linked to two caresheets both from very reputable people that happen to frequent these forums. I'm sure I could find 50 more that tell us basically the same thing. And I am quite sure I will find none or very close to none that advocate feeding an adult Ball Python only once per month.

There is a HUGE difference between 10-12 days and 28-31 days
Does he feed his dog only every 4 or 5 days? I hope not. How about his kids? once every day and a half?

Had he said a couple of times a month I wouldn't have really worried. Even my snake used to refuse an occasional meal, it happens. But when someone is feeding an animal only 25% of what most people who know what they're talking about recommend I get concerned.

Notice I haven't jumped all over you for feeding your snake every 10-12 days instead of 7-10. A couple of days here and there or even a week I could see as different snakes being different.
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