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Perhaps all of you should be enlightened. As someone already pointed out, this is a full-grown animal and there is no risk of stunting it.

Secondly, feeding a BP once a month is a suitable feeding schedule. If the animal starts to look a bit thin at any point than you can just increase feeding. If the animal is full-grown why feed it more than once a month?

I have a BP at home and it gets fed monthly. The snake is very healthy and enjoys life to it's fullest. Oh yea, it also goes off food for several months of the year. Is this animal being cruel to it self. NO! It is doing what comes natural. These animals to NOT need to be fed everyother day. An adult animal (that you're not trying to beef up for breeding) needs not to be fed more once or twice a month.

You guys may want to learn a little of the natural history & captive captive care of these animals before you go jumping all over other keepers.

BTW I do not agrre with feeding live food itmes! In any way.
David Smith
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