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Love the people who get "exotic" pets to say hey loook at what I got, wahoooo, and don't know a thing about them. And, don't care to know either.

I'll go outta my way to spend an hour typing the most extensive answers to someone's questions, IF, big IF, they are researching, and curious, and doing what's best. I'll still answer, but maybe more point blank and to the point than extensive, for the others. PET PEEVE: buying without research, over and over. I can't say buying without research period because I have done it. ONCE. And I learned my lesson. Now it's, I see something I want and don't know anything, I come home, learn, then go and get or not get.

But yah, I'd be ticked too Would be diffrent if he turned and asked questions or something, cuz obviously he is in need of some education.
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