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I agree that you should definately talk to a doctor about it. Better yet talk to a doctor and get a referral to a sleep disorder specialist. Most doctors know as much about sleep disorders as most vets know about Herps in general unfortunately.

But from what you and others have descriped Sleep paralysis sounds right to me... As to the comment about most doctors treating people who have trouble sleeping with "Anti-Depressants"

You're completely correct. Most types of Insomnia and many forms of Circadian rythym disorders are treated with drugs that double as anti-depressants. Been there done the whole spectrum I actually have an appointement with the Sleep Disorder clinic in Calgary on the 25th of this month as they have some new research and treatments for circadian rythym disorders. Might not be a sleep disorder at all, *crosses fingers* here's hoping.

Hope things work out for everyone here who has mentioned that they have sleep issues, I can think of few things that will screw up your life worse than a sleep disorder. At least when you have cancer or soemthing people are compassionate, When you only get 2 hours of sleep a night for months on end people think you're just a cranky, lazy annoyance. Definately not fun. Not to mention that most doctors seem to have attitudes almost as bad as the general populace.
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