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Cheating is wrong for a million reasons, but the most important of which is its adultery. Plain and simple. It is wrong, wrong, wrong. Why put yourself in the situation of being a tool in some one else's marital problems. You put yourself at huge risk for what "hitting it".

If your just looking to hit then I have to disagree with Solid Snake because you don't need a "type" for that..every woman has a *****. And a married woman looking for it outside of her hubby. Well she probably has one that you don't wanna be near. Find a woman that can give you something more than grief. Unfaithful married ppl are just tons of trouble besides the usual problems associated with sex you are now bringing into play a jealous husband and the fact you are "sharing this woman" with at least one other person, don't forget she 's still doing him even just to make sure he doesn't catch on to her other life.

This is way more crap then it's worth...and if like previously mentioned she is telling you she is experiencing marital trouble then she needs a friend and support NOT an affair. I don't believe just because some one did it once they will do it again ppl do learn their lesson but I do believe is some one is willing to continue to do it and not end their previous relationship then they are heap of bad news and lacking a better word a skank.
They will bring you nothing but trouble in the end. Adultery is a terrible thing that hurts everyone invovled eventually and never underestimate the lose of control a husband may have when he finds out. It could be your Azz or even your life. It has happened many times before.

Just my 2 cents...hope it worth something to you.
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