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Originally posted by ohh_kristina
Imagine being their spouse. Someone you committed your entire life to is going out on a date with someone else. I'm sorry, but that would break my heart in two.
But, whatever floats your boat
I agree with what your saying but obviously this other person no longer feels the same way as they did when they got married. For all you know the person that your interested in could be physically abused by thier spouse. Most likely that isnt the case, but ya never know

Originally posted by Jazzey
First of all I would not touch that one with a ten foot pole!
U know the old saying " lots of fish in the sea" so leave that fish a lone and go fishing in some other watering hole.
Good luck,


I have to agree with Solid Snake. Sure at any given time you can go, walk into a bar, and pick out several women that you would love to take home and do your thing with. But, most of time thats all you want them for. I think the "lots of fish in the sea" theory is thrown out, especially in a situation where getting laid isnt the first or only thing on your mind.
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