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Originally posted by chas*e
Go to a doctor...tell him about it rather than people on a snake have a hard enough time taking care of reptile health,,,human health issues are another story...if you have mites, or trouble keeping F/T rats down, I can give you advice
you need to read carefully, as we are in the General Discussion forum
"Anything goes.. (If there isnt another forum for your thread)"

i can share what ever i wish in this forum. And so what if its a snakes site, people talk about halloween, school, trips what they've done, etc, has nothing to do about snakes.

i share because i know people who have simalar problems and it does make a feel a bit better that im not alone, i like to express myself and get things off my chest rather then call the doc after something happens. anyway i dont think this is that serious to see a doctor. If it persists then i will

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