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Well, I have a couple of 20 gal aquariums hanging around that I'd be using as "nurseries" of sorts for any boas, of course I'd have to build an adult-sized enclosure eventually, but I won't deduct that cost, as it'll be at least a couple of months before I'd have to build it, and I do have a 3'x3'x3' waiting in the wings...the only thing I'd need to buy related to husbandry would be some incandescant bulbs and some small rubbermaids (for the corns and/or boa hides, etc...) which probably wouldn't cost me much more than 50$ give or take, depending on what animals I did pick, I'll say 250$ for the animals alone...I can afford the rest on the side
Oh, and if anyone notices a flaw in my housing plans, please speak up, I'd appreciate any advice
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