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I've been bit by reptiles a few times. The worst bite was my friends 9 ft Retic that hit me twice before I could pull away. She really didn't want to be messed with but I insisted and she let me know it wasn't a good idea. It didn't even bleed till I started moving my hand- then it was a total mess. No stitches thankfully and since I didn't pull away when she hit me there wasn't any tearing so it was just a lot of 1/4 inch deep punctures, perforated. Oh, and the bruise was the worst part. My lovely female Brazilian Rainbow Boa got me a couple nights ago. I hate those long teeth! My Taiwan Beauty snake got me a few years ago in a stupid feeding mistake and broke a tooth off in my finger. The weird part was almost a year later when the tooth worked it's way out like a splinter. I've got some small snakes that bite every so often and that's almost cute. I have to be careful not to flinch for fear of hurting the little guys.
All in all, I've been bit by more mice and rats than snakes, and it's always the cute ones that I'm like "Awe, aren't you OWWW! bugger!" Frozen is definitely the way to go!
Live and learn- they bite and I just need to be more careful!
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