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very strange and puzzling

READ ALL THANX: ok my 2 Chinese water dragons a male and a female same size my female bully's the male weird huh o and just 2 let ya know i know a lot about water dragons. ok and she only bully's him outside of the cage so im like what the he** one thought was she might be a super female. but not likely and another is she is outside of the cage more often and dosent even like when my cat walks by which my cat was here long before my lizard. and she hand waves which means territory or mating in this case its territory and bobs her head which is there way of communicating. and she jiggles her tail which means shes mad.

this is a very rare situation. its not that big of a problem though its only outside of the cage. they get along fine in the cage theyre usually on top of eachother sharin a branch lol

but tell me what you think i made that specially made for asking me questions site go there if you need help with your water dragon
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