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My Hero Rose

A normal sunny September morning and I decided to take Mumsy ( my uromastyx ) out side for a dose of UV. I am afraid that my UV light is not up to par and I need an upgrade. So to make sure my little buddie gets enough and I take him outside for 15-20 min every couple of days. Weather permiting of course! There is a tent trailer that my roomate has in the driveway which is a great spot to lean on while my Mumsy basks. There was a large branch on top of trailer that was bugging me so I decided to toss it aside and Scittter scitttter scitttterrrrr and BAM! Mumsy is off like a flash across to the top of the trailer. I reach, I stretch and I jump for him and all three tries at getting him back fail, then Mumsy shoots of the far side of the trailer. Plop! He flops onto the ground. I dart to the other side of the over grown pop tent in a panic only to see that he was already on his way back across the driveway. Trying not to lose sight of the little critter I walk to the top end of the trailer and drop to my belly.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH ..............HE'S GONE, I mean really gone, really really gone. My heart beats so hard I think it is going to fall right out of my chest. In a mass of histeria I am running back and forth everywhere looking for my spiny tailed pet. No luck....... Each passing minute feels like an hour and the more I panic the bigger and bigger the driveway gets. Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no, was the consistancy of my vocabulary ( with a few other choice words aswell ) I was trying to hold back from screaming at the top of my lungs like in a bad movie. My nieghbor from across the street saw me having a fit a came to see what she could do. Choaking back the tears I asked her for her help. We both stuck our heads in the bushes, under the trailer and in the grass. After about 10 minutes ( or 35 hours of oh crap time) I fell to my knees and prayed to God to save my Mumsy. Just then my 100lb rotwieler almost knocked me on my butt. She thought that I was playing with her. Just like that a light bulb pops up over my head ...............THE DOG, thats it, THE DOG. "Rosie go find Mumsy, wheres Mumsy Rose?" Over and over I ask the dog "wheres Mumsy Rose?" I jogged into the house and grabed a handfull of sand from under Mumsy's hide and brought it back out side to Rose. She took a couple of wiffs and put her nose to the ground. Within second a very proud dog was standing in front of me with a very upset lizard in her mouth. "ROSE" I screamed as she droped a slobber coved Mumsy onto the grass. With a very sticky reptile in my hands I looked at the sky and said thank you thank you thank you. Then I looked down at my big happy dog and said thank you thank you thank you. All in all Mumsy was fine and uninjured, just a little shaken up. Rose was given a hole bag of dog treats ........LOL.

Sorry if I went on and on but I just had to share that amazing story with everyone. All of you must have know how I felt. Anyways thus my hero Rosie.

This is a true story and no animals were harmed in the making!

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