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What to get...?

Hello all, I was bored and thought I'd ask you guys for your opinions on a certain subject: What snakes should I get at the expo? I have 250$ to spend, and It's burning a hole in my pocket!
So far, my thoughts have been along these lines: #1- baby BCI, and as many baby corns as I can afford after the fact, #2- strictly baby corn snakes, #3- baby BCC, provided it's cheap and available, #4- strictly adult corn snakes, #5- baby BRB, #6- pair of baby BCI's (again, providing that I am able to afford it) #7- go over the monetary limit and splurge!!!
I REALLY want some variety of boa, so I'm probably gonna end up buying a BCI, but my female corn will be ready to breed next year so I'm also wondering if I should invest in an adult male corn...and I definitely want to breed corns at some point...I just can't make up my mind! I've even been wondering whether I'd like to grab myself a lizard...I imagine I'll come home with something interesting, in any case!
P.S. I'm only guess-timating on the prices, so if you see something totally off just tell me, "You can't afford that!"
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