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I will be the first to admit that i am a haggler. An animal is only worth someone is willing to pay for it. There are people that spend $100 or more for cornsnakes. Personally, I never pay more than $3 each (well, I did pay $5 once I think, but it was a single not a group). I also do some jobbing from time to time when deals get thrown at me (helps my addiciton pay for itself ). I had gotten CB feeding juvinile Emeralds for less than $200 each. My entire intention in buying them was to sell them for $300. Still a good price for the buyer and if they decide to sell it in the future, they can make a profit. Of course I want good deals. Especially if I am buying a group. If I take an entire clutch, I expect at lest 20% off the asking price. And 90% of the time it works out great. Dealer gets a little less each, but moves them all out at once which is worth it, and i get a good deal. Now I do pay market value and above for ones i really want. Particularly those that I know a history on and that I can assure diversifies my bloodlines. $250 for a Guyana about killed me. But it was an animal that I wanted (actually the wife wanted) and it was to be a permanent addition to the collection.

What all that rambling is getting to is back to what I said at the beginning: It is only worth what someone will pay for it, period. If someone is looking to resell animals, then in order to pull a profit of any kind. Often people will pay more if the animal is going into breeding stock or for a personal pet. But face it, everyone a good deal no matter what. Of course people are going to try to get animals for less. I will agree that sometimes they get a little ambitious in their offers. But if you buy a snake for $1000, and the market value is $1000, and you try to sell it later for $1000, Then that doesn't make sense. But even then, if someone offers you $400 for an animal you are selling for $1000, don't take offense to it. Just tell them that you can't go that low or something along those lines. Trying to get a deal does not mean that they don't have money as you imply, it just means they want the most for their money. Capitalism, ya gotta love it
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