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Originally posted by DragnDrop
Miniature Pinscher X German Shepherd??? Please tell me the father is a very determined minpin? I assume mom was a heavy sleeper an dad too advantage of the opportunity?
LOL....actually, mom was the min pin. the woman with the puppies had this litter of 4 puppies needing homes. she said she had no idea what her dog had mated with. all we knew for sure was that they were min pin mixes cuz she had the mom. so i go out and by a toy sized dog crate, and by 3.5 months old my dog can't fit in it anymore! at this point, she is beginning to develop the sable shepard coloring and markings, and then grew into a dog with a shepard temperment. so........we assume mom mated with a shepard or shepard mix. aside from coloring and markings, she is built just like an oversized min pin, with a cute min pin face. she weighs 49.5 lbs., to be exact. so, as u see, anything is possible!
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