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I too dislike when people ask for amazing animals at rock bottom prices. Do these people have any idea how much time and effort and money goes into breeding? It is not easy. We, as breeders DO NOT make our livings solely by breeding. Almost all of us work 40 hours a week or more, most at crappy minimum wage jobs (I'm lucky to not be in that category). I know that I spend at least 2 hours a day just feeding and cleaning my leopard geckos, and we have a lot more than just leos to deal with! I can understand that people want to get a good deal, but you need to understand the market in the reptile industry to be able to make educated wanted ads. If someone were to suddenly sell their 2nd generation, CB, Red phase madarin rat snakes for $250 each then the market would crash and everyone who spent years and thousands of dollars breeding would be in the hole, waste deep in snake ****! Just look at leos. Perfect example of a failing market. Why else would we strive to be the first to produce all these crazy morphs? We have to stay one step ahead of the game just to make minimal profit. Don't get me wrong, you should never pass up a great deal, but don't ask for platinum at copper prices

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and yes, it is very amusing!
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