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This is a great post idea - many very original names. Our reptilian critter names are:

Common Boas - Oscar, Lilith, Zelda and Phoebe
Carpet Pythons - Boomer, Taz, Zoe, Darwin, Sydney and Foster
Honduran Milks - Rumba, Tango and Carmen
Corns - Nibblet, Scudder, Simon, Nicholas, Cheddar, Colby, Ivy, Oliver
Mexican milk - Sizzle, Flicker
Variable king - Peso, Tea
Mexican black king - Noodle
Florida king - Rafferty
Cal king - Decker, Trinket, Ripple
Yellow ratsnake - Eli
Bullsnake - Xena
PacMan frogs - Frogbert, Frogernie and Rambo

I won't bother with mammal names - too many to list!

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