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ITs geko's life and his choices.
Regardless of my stories, corey's stories, jeffs stories, or whoever else's stories, he'll eventually end up with his own

I never said that it cannot be done, and done properly. but only very few who set out to do something of this sort, truly succeed.
and by success, i mean keep and breed these animals for a living and still truly love the animals for what they are.

If there were no commercial breeders, this hobby wouldn't be close to where it is now. Infact i think we need many more breeders here in canada, my point was more along the lines that not everyone is made for commercial breeding.

And chances are, if you go full steam, that apreciation for each animal will be somewhat lost...a new realization i have just come across...

it was just something for him or whomever to think about...

Grant van Gameren
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