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Great post Grant... I only had 15 snakes maximum at one time and for the same reasons you just listed, I have only 3 snakes remaining aswell... The 3 that i kept were the 3 that I have always wanted / favorite on the bunch!! I couldnt be more happy with them and I have alot more fun with the 3 then I ever did with the 15....


Originally posted by Grant vg
A lot of ppl (many that i dont even know) have contacted me regarding why i have suddenly decided to sell off ALL of my blood pythons.
And since my name was mentioned, i guess this is as good of thread as any to let ppl know whats up.

I few years ago, i found a species of snake that i liked very much so i decided to work exclusively with them. i worked hard at acquiring only the best of specimens and found myself with a fairly nice collection.
I did the website thing, built the rep, pondered on the idea of making a living off of it but thought realistically and decided to just have it as an intense hobby with hopes of eventually acquiring some albinos and hopefully breeding them, and continuing to work with this awesome species as well as provide others with my offspring.

I hope i showed over the past couple of years that this was never just for the money (cause money was never made), and i think my work on my website and the knowledge i gave on the forums proved that. Believe me, when i say i really loved the animals.

I sacrificed alot of time and money just to acquire and keep healthy animals in proper caging and with proper husbandry.

All the initiative, smarts , and passion was there, HOWEVER, i was lacking time, space and money to fully satisfy myself.

i got to a point where i had close to 25 snakes in a small apartment that no longer held any individual value other then there worth.

They were being fed to reach a breeding size, rather then being fed to just watch them grow.

They were being checked on, to see if they were breeding or ovulating, not to take out and handle just for the fact of handling your pet.

There temps were being cooled, not because they needed it, but because it was neccessary if they were going to breed and produce babies.

They were being kept in rubbermaids, not because they liked living in little plastic boxes, but because it was more space efficient and meant MORE SNAKES!

Basically, what im trying to get at (incase you havn't already figured out) if you decide to go "big time", there will come a point when you are no longer really interested in each snake and like them for what they really are when you have 100's of snakes, bills to pay and you are RELYING on these animals to produce babies to cover those expenses.

I felt like I got a ton of bricks dropped on my head when it finally hit me , and it was upsetting to say the least. I for one didn't get into this hobby to make it rich. i got into this hobby because i liked the prehistoric look of those rescued iguanas, i liked how those boas were so damn clingy and never wanted to get back in there cage. i liked how that little poison dart frog could be so small yet have such awesome colours.

So my advice to you is, if you love reptiles, is let the other ppl breed and make money off herps (if they make any at all).
Enjoy your animals and finish school and think about getting into a different line of work.
Because when you come home from a hard day from where'll enjoy feeding your snakes.
But when you stay home day after day, cleaning up *****, changing substrate, buying and selling animals, and spending 1/2 your day with rodents, you wont appreciate those little things anymore.

and for me, that is why i keep these reptiles.
I am now very content with the 3 snakes i am keeping now. i gave em big vision cages, heat panels , plastic plants, and even flourescent lighting!!!! (if you can believe it..LOL)

And for the record, there are rumours spreading as to why i am selling my snakes (dont ask me why?) and i hope the above has clarified that for anyone wondering...
So please let me sell my snakes AND keep my dignity at the same time.


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