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Angry OK, I want to vent

I have called around to some pet stores, just to see if they have any ball pythons, IN CASE I don't end up getting the one that this person is selling. I called this place I found on the internet, who says that they only sell to petstores, so I guess I can trust that at least some petstores are depending on breeders, but I digress.

He asks me why I want a BP, I tell him I've done some research, that's what I want as a 2nd snake, my ex bf's best friend had one, humidity, bla bla bla, basically, I think I can handle it!

He says, well they're not easy to keep, it's a misconception, people buy them and then complain that they are too much trouble...Ok, I realize that he's trying to be helpful, but it was just very irritating, especialy given that he was laughing the whole time, and laughed everytime I said something...I know that I sound like a 14 year old on the phone...but I'm a responsible adult dammit! Oh well, I just had to blab. He just made me feel like a little girl being scolded for something....just made me pop for a second....I'll be ok....put him in a tank and make him call me mommy....
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