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Dumerils boas are a fabulous choice.

I wouldn't recommend Hog Isle boas as a starter. I'm yet to meet a baby hoggie that isn't an absolute a$$hole. For adults, I've seen about 50/50 split.

Central American BCI can often be just as colorful as their Columbian counterparts, but not as large. Even a male Columbian boa will seldom exceed 6 feet, though there is a risk of getting a large specimen. (One of my Columbians was the product of a 7.5 foot father.)

Rainbow boas are incredible all-round boas, but are usually nippy as babies. If you get a yearling, it's smooth sailing. Although the Brazilian rainbow boas have VERY specific environment requirements, a Columbian Rainbow, or even a Peruvian (if you can find one) do well in dry climates with a large water dish.

Carpets, again, super nippy babies. In fact, I've even seen quite a few juvies and sub-adults that are total jerks. If you get a calm one, GREAT pet.

Choice is yours, but if boids is your thing, and you want one that is almost guaranteed to be calm, I'd recommend the Central American BCI. Anything else is a bit of a risk, but once calm they tend to stay that way.
- Ken LePage
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