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Talking Thunder Bay Trip Pics *EXTREME dialup warning*

This summer I drove my dad to Thunder Bay (14 hours away) to go to Confederation College...On the way back, mom and I had a blast and we also found a rehab center called Spruce Haven. It was just amazing. She doubled as a dog kennel to help pay for the animals she helped. Her and her husband work 24 hours a day caring for all these animals...Here are some of the pics I took, I won't post them all because frankly, I only like to torture dialup people to a certain extent lol

First off, here are some random shots of the drive, lake superior and the mines, then I'll get to Spruce Haven:

Now, here are the shots of Spruce Haven for those of you who haven't gotten fed up waiting for all THESE pics to load:

And here are my favourite three animals...

Hehehe I asked the woman where on earth she got the Boa, thinking it wasn't a rehab case and just a pet or turns out she's just "holding it" because its owner at the moment. I laughed so hard. But you never really stop and think eh? What happens to people's pets when they go to jail...well now I know! lmao

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