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New Snake Advice Needed

Hey gang...thanks for taking the time to read this. My fiance and I are interested in getting a snake as a new pet. I have owned several in the past(red-tail boa, albino burmese and a female canebrake) but it has been about 10 years. I would like to get a boa or python, preferably not a ball python. I would like something that is colorful, friendly and will not get too terribly huge. We will probably handle the snake daily, but my finace really does not want to get nipped everytime she picks it up. I was thinking about a brazilian rainbow boa, but dont know how the temperment is. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Also, I am in Atlanta and I dont know of any reptile shops nearby. Is it ok to get a healthly snake via online, such as glades herp, or should we wait til a reptile show comes..I think one is coming to birmingham in a month or so.

Thanks again.

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