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I'd like to add my two cents too. Canada only has 31 million people, 5 of which live in TO alone. Canada has all the breeders it can handle as it is. Just ask the "big" guys how they did at this years shows. Plus think about this, all the big guys with the exception of maybe two that I know of hold down real jobs on top of their herps. Even Jeff Rohan has a real job. Also the guys that are trying to do this full time aren't working with corns and balls. They are working with stuff that no one else in the country has. Of which most of the offspring they produce is shipped over seas. This mean they have to be registered and legal and pay taxes and all that good stuff so that they can get the export permits they need. Have you thought about that part of it? If you are going to do this full time then you'll need to set up your buisness with a tax number so that you can claim your income and pay your taxes.
If you want to try it I say go for it but make sure you do your homework because in the end if you don't do things right the animals will suffer and we can't have that. We're not talking about trying to grow potatos, we're talking about living things who's welfare must be put first above all other things, including profit. Know what you're getting into because in the end if you shut things down you will need to know well in advance what you are going to do with the animals in your care.
Finally breeding animals is one thing selling them is another. Like others have mentioned you need to have a reputation to sell anything. For most of us it's not just about having animals, it's about having the best animals. I can get ball python hets all over the place but I chose to get them from Don P. I can get Kenyan sand boas all over the place for as low as $60 but I chose to pay Roy S. $125. I could get Jungles or Brazilians from a pet store but I would rather pay double after shipping to get them from Jeff F. There is a very short list of reasons why I buy from these people, they are the best at what they do in my opinion.
Think about those guys and what they work with before you jump into the ring. If you try to sell what they are selling you will have a hard go at it. You may what to try and bring something new to the table.
I hope this was not too negative, that was not my intention. I just wanted to try and offer another perspective on things. Making money at this can be done but like it has been said start small, think big and never ever forget about the animals!

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