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found a loop hole

thank you all so much for you advise!!

last night my friend called me up and told me that under expolsion there was nothing that stated a student could be expelled for extreme hair colour, piercings and tats. and then it said in the staff/student responsbiltys that all staff (including VP's) must have respect for the beliefs of all RMC students!!! I really don't think I was respected at all! I'm on my way to school so I'll be having a nice little chat with MR.Hitler, my dad will be present and there will be threats of going to the paper and reporting the durg crime I have witnessed it there "perfect" high school and of the total lack of respect for a persons rights, if they don't take that seriuosly then its a lawer they'll be talking to next :P

also yes my tattoos mean a lot to me I'm buddhist and dying my hair red sybolizes being a light in all the darkness I'm being swallowed in. (how did that sound???)

thanks again PPL! your all great!
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