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OK, wish list...
1.1 Leopard Rat snakes (e. situla)
1.1 Japanese Forest Rat Snake (e. conspicillata)
1.1 Nicaraguan BCI (an anery and a blood phase)
1.0 Mexican Black King snake (to pair w/existing)
1.0 Coastal Carpet- I'd love to bring a jag home to the lonely girl
1.1 Dumerils Boas

and for lizards
1.1 Shinisaurus Crocodilurus- I miss my crocodile lizard!

reptiles I'm currently keeping: 1.0 Taiwanese Beauty Snake, 1.1 BRBs, 2.2 Mandarin Rat Snakes, 0.1 Coastal Carpet Python, 0.1 Mexican Black King Snake, 1.1 red/brown African House Snakes, 1.1 black/green African House Snakes

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