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well while the pet store that I complained about isn't the best. They have definitly gotten better. I told the reptile person how to properly set up the BP cage (it's the typical pet store display, about 5 of them to about a 30 gal long tank). The next time I went back they had it set up like I said........2 hides (large so all of them could fit in there at once if they wanted to.) a LARGE bowl of water.......that was about the only thing wrong....they went on to put hides in the leo's cage (they have a friggin albino leo and a couple of leo's that have BRIGHT orange where the yellow would normaly be!) and in the Tokay gecko's cage (which I am falling in love with but don't have any room for him! )
But I do refuse to buy from pet stores anymore, and plan on getting the rest of my herps from breeders and expo's or shows.........
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