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Originally posted by cranwill
I didn't tell you not to. Cory, Jeff and Kid all gave you some good advice. Post some more specific questions in the forums and you might get some better answers....

Which snakes do you think you'd like to work with?
Yay now were getting somewhere

I like the snakes i have. The only snakes i dont have that i like are cali kings and tangerine honduran milks

I love blood pythons but they seem a little out of my range as of experience for right now. So breeding kings, milks, BPs, JCP, and BRB's would be fun but of cource i know some snakes might be harder but those are what im interested in for keeping as pets and breeding. After all i have to like the snake im trying to breed dont i?

Unless it was a 50,000 snake that no one had lol even if it was ugly and mean i would breed it
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