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im in victoria and most of the petstores do an OK job such as safari pets, spechts and kritters & fins. all 3 of those i have asked how much they feed their pets, cleaning etc...and they do an ok job and none of their pets are very thin, sick and they usually dont have mites. but another store creatures great and small has possibly the worst staff, facility and pet care on vancouver island. they order shipments of ball pythons of like 15-30 at a time. i went back the other day and out of the 20 or so that were there about a month ago 2 were left in terrible condition, their eyes were surrounded with unshed skin, there was little pieces of skin all over the place, they were on sand and a mouse was left in the cage covered in sand waiting to be eaten. i would bet money 100% of their snakes have mites after being there for a week. but then again there are good pet stores that take good care of all their animals.

i also asked creatures what happened to their chameleons and some guy simply said ''most of them died''

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