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It's mostly the customers that get to me..... <i>most</i> of the policies where I work are at least tolerable........ besides things like, we're not supposed to refer customers to the internet to find information. Or tell people where else they can find something (hell, if we're out of mealworms, I'm sending them to the bait shop. If we're out of florescent fixtures, I'm sending them to canadian tire or the hardware store).

The thing is, most people who <i>want</i> to work in a pet store are NOT going to find a great job where the welfare of the animals in the store comes first. I only recently became the reptile caretaker at my store (I was the bird person..... I now hate lovebirds with a passion), and I love that part of my job - as long as I'm given the time to do everything that needs to be done. And I like telling people the correct care for the reptile they want to buy - as long as they actually LISTEN. I can't imagine trying to work at any of the chain stores that are complained about on a regular basis......... it would drive me up the wall to deal with the general ignorance and the inability to do anything about it.

And J-man, it really depends on the person or people who are in charge or set the policies. I've heard there are some individual large chain stores that do a decent job........ and there are some 'mom and pop' stores that absolutely suck.

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