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Keep your day job. Get your GED. Live with the parents. Give it your best shot with the breeding. Learn everything you can before you get started. Last year out of the blue I said I'm going to start a part-time landscaping business. I was a person who knew nothing about landscaping at the time, I mean nothing. Everybody laughed at me and told me I was nuts. I now bring in roughly $3k a month clear working one day a week. I'm reinvesting all the profits for more equipment and next year it will be $6K. I had a dream, turned it into a plan through a lot of research, now I have a growing business apart from my day-job. Even if it doesn't workout for you, the experience will be invaluable. I don't even own a snake, been lurking on various forums learning all I can before I make a purchase (corn or peruv. can't decide), it has already crossed my mind to breed for profit in the future. Having never owned a snake it is not a real thought, but it is a thought. Go for it! Give it everything you've got. A friend of mine said to me once, "you'll never get rich working for someone else" five years later he is a millionaire from a roofing company. Start your own business and learn. Your 18 years old and have the world by the *&%#!. If you make a mistake now, it is not a big loss and no harm is done. Learn from the experience and move on. If you are going to do it, do it. No half measures.
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