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Im 14 and Ive been in and out of juvenile hall but I have a strong will to make money. I probably will end up breeding snakes as a hobby and making some extra money. But still even being a kid and having food clothes and a house for free breeding does not make alot of money. Be a web designer or something. Ball pythons are pretty much considered a beginner snake so I would start with those.

Make sure you get a captive born ball python if you decide to get into this wild caught animals will be less money but can carry parasites, have respitory infections or a number of other things.

Make a good reputation for yourself im currently looking to buy a bci or bcc in the next couple months. I have been to numerous web sites but refuse to buy from anybody i have not heard alot of good things about.

Go to big apple herp and look at how much some of that stuff is. Your step dad may be able to build a good heat system but still you will need numerous reostats. And other supplies.

Be careful about buying adult breeder pairs alot of people wouldnt want to sell a good breeding pair if there wasnt something wrong with them.

Read all the care sheets. Think if you can supply all those needs to the snake. No cutting corners.

Go to , and here read all the forums about what you need to get. So now you cant say nobody gave you some places to find good information.

Find a good vet. Vet prices can also be very expensive.

Once you get all these things down go to specific forums and post specific questions and you should find good answers. or you can e-mail me at

good luck but dont get ahead of yourself

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