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LOL Scott! I was waiting for EVERYONE to tell this guy NOT to try and breed snakes for a living, and then I was going to tell him the opposite!! Ha ha. But Corey already did that!

I think he should just go for it. I mean, why on Earth do you think these morphs (Ball, Boa, Retic, etc) sell for $10,000 +?? Because people want a pet? No, because they are investing in them to breed and resell to other investors. Why would I tell geko that he shouldn't buy snakes to breed and make money, and then turn around and advertise Ball morphs for thousands of dollars in the classifieds. Who is going to buy a $2,000 snake from me WITHOUT the intentions of making money? Nobody, that's who.

Of course you can make money breeding snakes. Of course its not easy. If it was, everyone would do it. Doctors make money as well. So do CEO's. But that's hard. But do you hear people telling other people to NOT be a doctor? I've never told anyone such a thing.

Bottom line is, ANYONE can breed snakes and make money. And the people that try it and fail, or try it and don't like it, well they find something else to do. No big deal. As long as the animals are well-kept and treated nice, I see no problems in starting from scratch and trying to build a business. Its quite commendable actually. But, as Corey said, expect it to take about 4-6 years to start seeing any kind of significant returns, as you'll need to breed something FIRST, then trade babies for other stuff, then raise that and breed it, and then use the money to buy a higher-end snake, then raise females from that, etc etc etc. And trust me when I say that your outlook on life and the world will change DRASTICALLY in 6 years. Heck, even 2 years. Especially at your age.
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