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You know what? Honest to God you guys have seen all my "evil pet store" posts. But I can honestly say that the times that I DID work in pet stores, I had the best time of my life. It was the fact that they fired me BECAUSE of the proper care of reptiles that got to me.

But while I was there, I took home sick reptiles, I gave them all the proper housing and food. I did everything in my power to ensure their health. I even gave my supervisor crap for switching the sick gecko and the ball python into each others cages without cleaning...

It was the best time of my life to know that I was educating customers and also taking care of those animals. I didn't even mind Truck Day where we had to lug 20 lbs. bags of dog and cat food around. I didn't mind the mopping and scrubbing.

So it's not the pet store job that's a's the fact that they FROWN UPON you doing a good job with the animals.

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