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Originally posted by Corey Woods

Basically, you can make money breeding any herps out their. Some herps make more money than others. Don't let it bother you when people say you are just in it for the money. Even if you are who cares? If money is what motivates you and as long as you keep your animals healthy and they breed for you then who cares what your motives are. The end result was healthy animals that thrive. Whether people want to admit it or not money is what makes the world go round. You can only lose money for so long doing something before you go broke.
Just for the record: This is not what I meant at all. I said 'get rich <b>quick</b>'.

I don't think anyone gets into any business without wanting to make money, or without it being within the top 3 priorities. But having the dream that you can breed a couple of snakes in a short period of time and have lots and lots of money to survive is simply unrealistic, in my opinion.

This is what I was gathering from the original posts.
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