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I also work in a pet store and when I was hired I said straight out. I will not sell people a reptile, or any other animal for that matter, unless they are willing and will take home everything needed for that animal. I am very firm on this and the customers though hesitant at first really respect that and I think that is why I now have people asking my advice of various animals and setups. I have been put in charge of the reptile section and though small have made it work very well and have kept the animals in top notch conditions.

I know there are a lot fo people out there who want a reptile on an impulse and those people I send home with a book and or some websites such as this one so they know what they are getting into and can have any questions they ask answered.

As for lights, vitamins and such, I am free to do whatever I want to make the animals that people are taking home healthy.

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